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From The Editor – Oct 2020

It is a beautiful fall in the foothills. We live in such beautiful surroundings, and are blessed to have such vibrant colour brought into our lives. Fall is the time of harvest, and our expression of thanks for all that is in our life.

Although not all of us are in the agricultural business, we know that without the harvest, we all go hungry. Farming is such an amazing business. In an act of faith, the farmer plants a seed in the ground, anticipating germination and ultimately a harvest. What if in the spring, the farmer was gripped with the fear of uncertainty and didn’t plant these seeds? Holding on for fear of loss; disease, pestilence, drought or storm devastation, and ultimately crop failure. The outcome would obviously be food shortage and hunger.

Our lives are much like that of the farmer. We have a choice that regardless of what is seen around us, we must still plant the seed in faith of a harvest. That seed may be in the investment of your business or new business opportunity. More importantly, it may be in the relationships within your community and family.

In these uncertain days, I trust that you will continue to step out in a sense of faith. To believe that regardless of the storms and uncertainty of life, you will see the possibility of what can be. You won’t shrink away from opportunity, but will continue to invest into the lives of those around you. I hope you don’t lose sight of your vision for that which you are to be doing in your family, community, and work.

On a side note, we welcome the DeWinton Community Association as a new regular contributor. We trust that the High Country News will be a useful tool as they endeavour to connect their community to their organization.

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There are many artists and photographers in this area. We are looking for pictures that represent the natural surroundings, people, or history of our area. We also welcome new seasonal themes. You can send your picture to

Please note that not all art may be selected for print.

From my family to yours,
Lowell Harder


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