Article Submission

Informational Articles

Informational articles submitted by businesses must be accompanied by an ad (business card or larger).

  • The articles must be generic in content, not a further promotion of the individual business.
  • Maximum length one-half to two-thirds page – approximately 500 – 750 words.
Business Profile

The Business Profile Feature is available to any business within the circulation of this publication. The requirement is that the profile be accompanied by an ad (business card or larger). Maximum length two-thirds page – approximately 750 words. Content of profile subject to editing by publisher (owner will be contacted, if this is necessary).

Outline (written by owner) might include:

  • information about owner(s)
  • history of store/business
  • what services/products are offered
  • what might be unique about services/products
  • location/description of store/business
  • hours of operation
  • what, if any, community support business offers

Might consider advertising a “special” to coincide with the profile.

Community News/Events
  • Community news articles are published at no charge.
  • Community events can be advertised in a display ad, up to 1/3 page, for free.
  • Discounts on larger ads are negotiable.
  • Non-profit or charity groups within the circulation of this publication will be negotiated.

Submission Guidelines

  • Send as a Word document attachment
  • Photos for articles should be sent in jpeg format, minimum at 200 dpi
  • Photos should be sent as an attachment
  • When emailing or mailing text, please do not use all caps
  • Letters to the editor must be signed by the writer

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    Files accepted are pdf / doc / docx

    File size limit is 5mg


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