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From The Editor – Nov 2020

Dear Reader,

I appreciated this month’s art submission by local artist Annette Resler, “Eternally Hopeful”. What a great title, and such a good posture to have.

I recently had a conversation with a long- time customer of mine who dropped off some pie to our office. This customer is involved in the restaurant business in Calgary and as we all know, the food and entertainment industry has been extremely hard hit by the current economic situation in our province. It wasn’t so much the pie, but his statement of generosity and sharing that came with it, that impacted me.

As we discussed business, his optimistic attitude confronted my often pessimistic attitude and I felt changed. He didn’t sugar coat the situation, nor did he think that things were going to be better anytime soon. But he did make mention of the things he was thankful for, and of the ability to work through this, if we support and stand with each other. Are we willing to make the sacrifices necessary to pull through? Over 100 years ago, Canadian citizens made significant sacrifice, both in the First World War, but also during the Spanish Flu. It was neighbor supporting neighbor. Maybe we, too, can roll up our sleeves just a bit longer, and see this thing through. It wasn’t so much the vaccine, or the government that got people through.

What can we do to keep our communities intact and the local stores open?

For the Redwood Meadows residents, please make note of the announcement of the much anticipated lease vote. Enjoy your read, and until next month, stay safe.

From my family to yours,
Lowell Harder


Support Local Business

Support Local Business