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From The Editor – May 2021

As our front cover picture so aptly portrays, spring is the time of new life.

As many of my readers know, the other hat I wear is that of a landscaping company owner. Gardening is something that I have always enjoyed as it is the ability to create spaces of beauty.

Managing people’s gardens has taught me a lot about life. The new life of spring is in contrast to the visible evidence of that which has died. Coming to terms with this is difficult. In order for new life to grow, the dead, diseased, and crowded growth needs to be removed.

Many people find it hard to prune. They find it hard to remove growth. Our lives are much the same. Sometimes for us to have new life, we need to be prepared to remove what may look like growth, but is moving us in the wrong direction.

In contrast to pruning, many times plantsaredamagedthroughthewinter months, but with the right care, will survive. So in our lives, there may be areas that have been beaten and bruised. We may be sick, not just physically but also emotionally. What can we do to strengthen and build one another up in such a way that we can create health and wholeness of the person?

Over the past year our families, neighbours, volunteers, local businesses, and elected officials have been through some difficult times. As a parent I’ve had to comfort tears of loss. As a community member and business owner, I’ve heard stories of significant economic and emotional hardship.

As we try to navigate a very confusing and difficult time in our history, it is the ability to remember our humanity that will enable us to rebuild the broken. There are so many issues that we face both personally and as a society. Responding in fear, frustration, anger, and selfish ambition will only serve to deepen the wounds in ourselves and others. Coming together in collaboration, with a willingness to learn and serve, will lower the guard of self-preservation and criticism.

Let’s commit to being people that can make our communities beautiful. Let’s allow the growth and beauty of spring to come.

From my family to yours,
Lowell Harder


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