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From The Editor – Jun 2021

In this month’s edition I want to give a special thanks to Bob Cook (owner of Branded Visuals) for his donation of a photograph for the wildlife awareness article, as well as his assistance with our front cover. The High Country News is a paper comprised of many local contributors throughout the foothills and it’s impressive to see the collaboration in creating this community newspaper. Another thanks goes to the team at AdMaki that often donates significant hours of their time in the process of creating ads and marketing strategies for the local volunteer groups in the area.

This month the HCNews been given permission to feature a unique piece of art to garnish our front page. This picture shows one of Bragg Creek’s long-standing businesses. Through many challenging times the Crabapple Cottage has served both locals and visitors alike. I trust that their story may be an inspiration of what is possible.

You may have heard of Bill C-10. This bill is concerning on so many levels, especially for those of us in the publishing industry. Unfortunately, space doesn’t allow me to give a detailed exposition on my concerns. Needless to say, silencing and withholding information and expression of thought is a direct assault on a free society.

A larger concern is this bill reflects a troubling trend seen in our communities and social circles. How well do we handle different expressions of opinion? We are becoming polarized and finding points of common ground is almost impossible. In the past I have often been too quick to state my opinion and not give room for others to express their thoughts and concerns. I’m thankful for a wife, children, and friends that have had the courage to challenge that opinion, and hopefully I’m softer and wiser for it. If we can change individually, hopefully our political leaders will be able to mature and allow individuals and organizations to speak freely regardless if it fits with the agenda or current popular thought. If you share a similar concern to Bill C-10, I would encourage you to write your MP and express your concerns.

From my family to yours,
Lowell Harder


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