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From The Editor – Mar 2021

Welcome to March. Who knows what the ground hog predicted, but it feels like spring is around the corner. The days are longer and the harshness of February seems to have dissipated. That being said, there are still great trail conditions for those of us who are winter enthusiasts, so get out and enjoy.

This month’s photo is compliments of Anna Grist. If you have a photo or drawing that you would like to share please send it to

I am happy to have some new advertisers in the paper this month. There is such a rich and diverse group of businesses serving the Foothills and Rocky View areas. Some of them have written a business profile, so please give them a read. The passion that drives their businesses will hopefully inspire you.

On page 19 there is an advertised marriage course. It may be beneficial with the strain that COVID-19 has placed on couples. Check it out!!!

Unfortunately, due to space restraints I was not able to include an article from Rocky View 2020. Please visit to understand the concerns they’re raising regarding the CMRB (Calgary Metropolitan Region Board). Did you know that the CMRB has the power to veto development plans of the surrounding municipal districts? This veto power hinders balanced regional growth and economic development.

As we transition past the 1st year COVID-19 anniversary I am trusting we can look at how we can navigate relationships and operate businesses with consistency. The rules can’t keep changing and people need relationships past Zoom. Further to this, we need to look at how Alberta can get back on its feet. As mentioned above, our region has incredible entrepreneurial acumen. I would hope men and women could gather together and begin to collect thought as to how we can develop our local economy, gradually bringing our great region and province from its knees to a leader in innovation and opportunity.

Happy reading and enjoy the current chinook!

From my family to yours,
Lowell Harder


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Support Local Business