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From The Editor – Feb 2021

Hello February!!! This month we have a paper full of articles and comments. I would like to draw your attention to a few things in particular this month.

There is a new initiative taking place in Black Diamond facilitated by Rinny Tuithof de Jonge on page 38. Special thanks to Kate Grist for creating our February Kids Zone word search! If your child would like to contribute their own activity, we would welcome their contribution. Note the fun picture on page 45 of a couple of my kids playing outdoors in Redwood Meadows. If you have a special photo to share – we would be happy to publish it as well.

Please visit our Facebook page and website for a response to some of the recent articles and comments. In short, the High Country News is committed to the freedom of speech, and in saying that, if someone publishes an article in our paper, the community is then free to give comments back.

In light of this, I have observed that our society is going through tremendous shifts in values. With these shifts many differing views and opinions are surfacing. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget that the person sharing an opinion or concern is a person and fellow community member. All too often we are quick to attack and speak our view but slow to listen to a differing perspective. Our words can have a devastating impact. Somehow we need to find a way to reason together and make collective decisions that will create amicable paths forward.

Dave Zimmerman, friend and local minister in Bragg Creek, recently shared a comment (my paraphrase) “If people could put more time into doing good towards their neighbour our society as a whole would be so much better”. Rather than focus on that which divides, can we find something we can celebrate that unifies? Rather than focus on problems, what can we do to create good lasting solutions at the local level? My wife likes to make meals for families in need. I wince at my grocery bill, but appreciate her giving heart. How will you be an agent of goodwill towards someone you know who may be hurting and alone? A pot of soup or cup of coffee made with love goes a long way…

From my family to yours,
Lowell Harder


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