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Black Diamond Strong – Apr 2021

Black Diamond Strong Seeks Strength In Numbers!

How do you feel these days? Just like the seasons come and go, wellbeing moves along a continuum. At your best you have energy, sleep well and take things in stride. Difficult times might cause sadness, anger or anxiety and when you withdraw from people or responsibilities, it is a sure sign you are hurt. With panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and addictions to cope with, things have reached the point of illness.

Once you feel defeated and beaten down, it is really hard to figure out how to get up. Finding someone you are comfortable sharing your misery with is a huge mountain to climb. Mustering energy to start the search is often more than you can handle. What makes it worse is the feeling of disconnect from a world where you feel out of place and do not belong while others seem able to handle what comes their way. The importance of community cannot be understated as we do find strength in numbers.

Many people are raised to tough it out, smarten up and get a grip. Others are very good at keeping up appearances. If it were only that simple. The last thing we need when we are hurt is the burden of feeling a failure. Some storms are too much to endure by yourself. What I do know from personal and professional experience is that it helps to share stories that allow us to speak our truths, face our fears, connect, find common goals and move forward feeling stronger.

Black Diamond Strong is about learning together, inspiring each other, and taking turns. What we need right now is people who want to take part in the discussion.

All ideas and thoughts are welcome. Residents are invited to share personal stories by email to or in writing at Black Diamond Strong, p/a FCSS 301 Centre Avenue West, Black Diamond TOL 0H0.

Riny Tuithof de Jonge
Community Animator Black Diamond
Black Diamond Strong Mental Wellness Movement


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