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Square Butte Community – Nov 2020

Square Butte Community Association

Set the date: November 19th, 2020 for our AGM to take place at the Square Butte Hall.

Prior to the AGM we will be having a volunteer appreciation event at 7pm. We appreciate the work and comittment that our members make to our community.

Without them there would be no community hall. People choose to volunteer for various reasons. For some it offers a chance to give back to the community, or a chance to build skills and confidence. At 7:30pm the AGM will take place. We are looking to fill the Vice-Pres. position along with 3 directors. If you have a interest in standing for election or helping out on some of the committees, you are all welcome. We are looking for people that could help with rentals, inside maintenance, yard maintenance, advertising, fund raising, social media, and event coordination. We will have 2021 memberships available, $10 single, $20 family.,,
Financial email:

Rentals 2021

We are excited to offer the Square Butte Community Hall up for rental bookings starting April 1st, 2021.

Please contact us for viewing of the facility, discussion of dates for upcoming weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or special occassions.

We would love to help make your event a cherished memory.


Square Butte Ladies Group

Our small local ladies group that has been in existance since 1941 would like to reach out to anyone that would be interested in joining.

The membership is $1, this fee probably hasn’t changed since the group’s inception. We are focussed on helping others and donating to local charities.

It is great to have new voices and view points to expand our horizons. The winner of our 2020 quilt raffle was Dianne Swales. Congratulations Dianne!

We are planning our next quilt so if you are interested in helping, contact Pres. Jill Fry at 403.931.3420. We will be getting together to assemble in November.

Facebook Pages Of Interest

I believe a correction is needed on the local information page: Friends and Neighbours of 762

If you are a gardener or a want to be gardener in Alberta this site is invaluable, ask any questions or post your garden pictures: Alberta Gardening

Local History featuring Johnny Quirk

John Quirk lived through some very historical times and places. Information has been garnered from the history book Our Foothills, to which I now give credit.

The location of the land that Johnny and wife Kathleen Dempsey ranched on is significant as the Quirk Creek Gas Plant (CaledonianMidstream) is located on their lands. Quirk sailed from Ireland before 1860 and settled in Detroit, Michigan. He spent time in California and Virginia City during the gold rush years, later joined by Mrs. Quirk where they ranched at Missoula, Mt. in 1877. In 1882, with Mrs. Quirk driving the covered wagon and John with the aide of a good cattle dog and 650 head of cattle, they headed north. They arrived at the Highwood crossing and Mrs Quirk, taken with the lovely cottonwoods, refused to go any further.

They were the first white settlers to settle on the Highwood, but a succession of dry years forced them to move further north. With the advice of Joseph Fisher, they settled on the north fork of Sheep Creek. The Q Ranch prospered and the herd increased to 2,000 head on 6,000 acres of deeded land and 6,000 acres of lease. His house and buildings were located on SE1/4 33-20-4 W5. They later built another house and put gravel in the walls, some say for insulation others to keep it from blowing away with the strong west winds. He was a leader among the Highwood and Sheep Creek ranchers and one of the first to irrigate. Some of his licenses were cancelled in 1902; irrigation officials complained that as he was “a man of poor education” it was “difficult to make him understand what is required of him”. In 1910, the Quirk ranch was sold to Pat Burns;in 1917 to J.F. Dole then EHC Rawlinson; and in 1923, to the Kendall Stock Co. The story of the land will continue next month.

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