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Guess Who’s Coming to… Stay? – Alberta Indoor Comfort – Dec 2020

Holidays and summers aren’t the only times family members visit our homes for extended periods. Shouldn’t they be made their most comfortable and kept safe, giving you and them peace of mind during their visits? And, some “visits” are now transitioning into multi-generational living arrangements.

With these broader age-ranges living under the same roof, there are simple adjustments that can make this a simpler and safer experience for everyone involved.

Anti Scalding Valves – Scalding is a concern with young and old alike and it is such a simple thing to safeguard your family against.

Anti-scalding valves are exactly what their name states. These valves can be installed at any water access point where there is a risk of someone accidentally scalding themselves, causing unnecessary pain and trauma.

Instant Hot Water – Many people needlessly waste electricity because they turn their electric kettle on, go back to whatever they were doing, time goes by and then they remember they wanted a hot beverage but the kettle’s now cold. They repeat the process, often more than once, until they finally stand by the kettle until the water’s hot. At the end of it all, they’ve wasted both electricity and their time.

Imagine instead walking into the kitchen and preparing a hot beverage by just turning on a tap; having instant access to hot water to make the perfect temperature cup of tea without waiting. And this is not just handy for making hot drinks – you can use instant hot water for cooking, cleaning, and many other applications.

Lighting Upgrades – Eyes of different ages need different amounts of light to be able to see clearly. This is why as you age it is more difficult to see – you need more light! If you are hosting an all-ages holiday event or inviting your parents/ grandparents to come live with you, it is likely that you will need to upgrade some lighting. Sometimes all it takes is replacing old low-wattage incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Sometimes you may need to add fixtures or lamps.

Other things like motion-sensors and nightlights in hallways and bathrooms can make your home safer and easier to navigate.

Gas Heaters – Aunt Mable shouldn’t be freezing downstairs while you’re upstairs opening windows because you’re too hot, that’s not comfortable for anyone. Beyond being uncomfortable, it’s costly.

A great remedy for uneven heat in areas of your home is an additional gas heater for the cooler areas, typically the basement. It is relatively cost-effective to install an additional heat source in the areas where you need it most, rather than trying to balance the heat distribution throughout your home by closing registers, etc.

A natural gas heater is very efficient and easy on your utility bills, heating the areas of your home that need some extra warmth.

All of these options are great ways to make your home safe and comfortable for your visitors and for your family, call us today to discuss getting your home ready before your guests arrive!

By Carla Berezowski,
Owner of Alberta Indoor Comfort


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