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De Winton Digest – Nov 2020

Community News

“Fall is sneaking into De Winton”: in spite of COVID-19 changing many things that are going on or NOT going on in our Community. But, ‘seize the moment’ and enjoy the beauty that we are surrounded with.

As in all of life, I have chosen to dwell on what we do have choices and control over, rather than thinking about the ‘old normal’ or what the ‘new normal’ is or will be.

One year ago, we were able to celebrate and focus on what De Winton was like 100 years ago with all the decades of activities from 1918 to now! We did reflect on the Spanish Flu of 1918; little did we know then how much more we would hear about that in 2020! What will the next 100 years have to report from 2020? Many ‘buzzwords’ are already floating around.

“Flatten the curve”: Although that has been made in regards to trying to keep the numbers of COVID-19 statistics lowered, will we try to work towards “flattening the curve” for: Bankruptcy! Unemployment! Suicide! Are we remembering to do our own small part by:

– Striving to support all the local (especially small) businesses by making sure we ‘buy local’ wherever possible; support local tradespeople, craftspeople, artisans as well as small local markets that are attempting to showcase their talented creative products?

– Traveling and learning about our own ‘backyard’ and the beauty that surrounds us in our own province, when we cannot go on planned trips to other countries? It is refreshing to hear about all the hiking that is being done this year nearby. Photography from there is also amazing.

– Considering our way to help and support the many charities, who still provide so much support for such important causes, but are more limited now in some of their usual fundraising activities?

– Looking after our own Mental Health by creating new routines and interests? Gardening, which has been a wonderful long-time activity for many people, has now acquired new clientele. The extra time forced on people to be at home has lead them to realize the joy and satisfaction(nottomentionconvenience) in growing much of their own food. Families are enjoying the outdoors in a more meaningful way without having to drive anywhere.

– Music interests have also expanded from just listening, to learning to play a new instrument. A recent news report revealed a guitar making company being over-run with orders now, much to their pleasure!

– Cooking and baking, which used to be a regular function in a home, had been often cast aside due to the busy two-parent home needing to travel out to work each day. How many of you wondered why flour, yeast, and parchment paper, to name a few, were suddenly not available on your grocer’s shelf when you went to buy it?

– Great improvement in the technological skills of especially the more senior citizens. Well, we can’t go visit our grandchildren… hmmm, best we learn to Facetime or Skype to see how fast those little darlings grow! There may have been a happy pause in some of our volunteer positions! However, soon we learned that Zoom meetings could keep us involved in meetings as well as yoga classes or just connecting with friends and family.

St. Andrew’s United Church

The church has continued to move forward with some interesting innovative methods.

– The former Daily Faith twice-weekly online messages have now become a 9:30 Zoom meeting/faith-sharing time every Sunday morning.

– There have been several planned birthday ‘drive-by’ events within the area. Cars assemble at the White Church and then drive to the home of the birthday person for some horn honking and bell ringing to bring joy to both the birthday person and the drivers by feeling connected with their wonderful Church family.

– Board members continue to meet regularly by Zoom to evaluate what can be done until they deem it safe to have services again in the building.

Other Local Happenings:

As is always mentioned in each newsletter, we welcome news to report. However, you have to let someone on the newsletter team or a board member know.

On Saturday, after I felt I needed to just go for a drive to clear my brain (even though the air was filled with smoke), I headed down towards Millarville to enjoy the fall colors.

It was my pleasure to see the orange bags on the side of the road where many volunteer groups had done their job Sept 19 instead of the usual May clean-up day. I have always applauded the 4-H groups who have done this for many years. Millarville 4-H was one of those many groups, as well as the group of ladies from the Kenya Community Association I ran into while there.

Thank you to anyone who does so many other jobs within our community for the well-being of us all!

President’s Message

Hello fellow De Wintonites or is it De Wintonians? Or perhaps it’s just the good people of the De Winton area. This is a new feature for our Community newsletter and I am happy to introduce myself as the current President of the De Winton Community Association (DWCA). I grew up in Northern Alberta in a Community called Warrensville, which is truly just a wide spot in the road in the Peace Country. The one room school house in our area was converted to a Community Hall in the early 50’s and became a gathering place for many of the local farmers, ranchers and townsfolk. It was where my parents met, where they were married, and where so many friends and local families gathered for country dances, anniversary parties, and Christmas celebrations – it was truly the hub of our area. I see so many similarities in the history of that little hall, which was replaced in the 1970’s with a more modern and larger facility, to that of our De Winton Community Hall. Over the years the people of De Winton and area have made use of our hall in many of the same ways. While the pandemic has demanded that so many things be done differently, we have had to cancel many of the large gatherings and the Hall sits empty for the most part. This will change. It is difficult not to notice that the world has changed over the last decade or two, people seem to be busier than ever and the number of locals involved with the Hall and the DWCA has decreased in a big way. There are many good and reasonable reasons for the increased pace of life here in the Foothills. Certainly, if you have children involved in sports, you will recognize the demands on your time have increased exponentially since you were a kid playing school sports. And there are many other activities and duties that we all need to commit to in our day to day lives. Good on you for being involved, for getting things done, for supporting youth and providing a non- paid taxi service to keep everyone where they need to be next. The De Winton Community Association is run by a volunteer board. They are all committed, hard working locals who have, and continue to, commit hours and hours of their personal time to help make our Hall and our Association operate for the good of the area. I commend them all, past and present, for their contributions. While there used to be many more ‘local’ events at the Hall, it has turned into a wedding rental venue in recent years, and has been booked 12 months in advance or more for weddings from April to October. This provides us with the revenue needed to operate and maintain the venue, however, many people from De Winton have asked if we could do more for and with our neighbours. So here we are, reaching out to you – our neighbours and fellow DeWintonians. We need some volunteer help, we need people to serve on the board, and we need locals to use this great facility for their events and celebrations. We are looking at the feasibility of new features at the Hall, possibly a Pickle Ball court, maybe a basketball court as well. The basement at the Hall has a large open space and we would love to get your input on what sort of activities could happen there. Your ideas and energy around our Community and the DWCA would be most appreciated – I would welcome your calls and emails and hope we might meet face to face when restrictions are relaxed.

Regards, Perry Diebert
President, De Winton Community Association

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