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De Winton Digest – Mar 2021

Our “Hindsight” view of 2020: COVID-19 captured the minds, media attention and our full-out focus in 2020. But hopefully, it only made us all stronger, more focused on what was most important to us and ready to try new hobbies, interests, and new connections. Technology has now brought us the word ZOOM which was unknown to most a year ago! Since then, we have ‘zoomed’ our way through meetings, connections with various organizations, followed many TV personalities for news, entertainment, classes and courses. Family and friends have remained connected with coffee, meals, games or even ‘happy hours’ together. We have perhaps honoured the passing of a loved one whose memorial had to be changed due to travel and numbers restrictions.

Our “Foresight” for 2021: VACCINE is the buzzword that prevails in the media and in the minds and hearts of all. However, perhaps it is time to focus on another thought of “one day at a time” or “life is a journey, not a destination”? Yes, we do hope the vaccine will bring a calmer approach to our day to day living.

We have been blessed with amazing weather to get out into Nature to enjoy the snowfalls, the beautiful sunrises, sunsets, the ‘Christmas Star’, the wildlife, and perhaps learning new outdoor activities like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating, hiking in the mountains, and even the newly formed outdoor curling rinks that have taken place!

Keeping connected with friends and family has been enhanced with more technology, more time for phone calls, more creative methods to celebrate birthdays and special events, smiling at strangers (under our masks) as you do your limited outings for your necessities. Did you say hello to that stranger at the grocery store? Did you hold a door open for someone? Did you find someone you could be a ‘snow angel’ for with the recent Christmas dump of snow?

When you awaken each morning, you may now have more time to relax, think about your day and what it is that you wish to accomplish that day. I have truly enjoyed having so many wonderful

books to read to fill many of those extra hours in a day. But the choice is mine as to how I wish to spend it. And I have chosen gratitude. (And I need to choose more exercise as well!)

De Winton Community Association Annual General Meeting: Jan 28: At the Annual General Meeting, a new slate of directors agreed to take part and join the DCA Board for the 2021-22 year and we thank them for their generous interest and volunteered services:

Board Member Positions: Perry Diebert, President; Randy Evans, Vice President; Mike Kosinec, Secretary; Vacant, Treasurer; Alan Alger, Director at Large; Chelsea McLeod, Interim Preschool Director; Cindy Poole, Facility Director; Edith Rabinovitch, Membership Director; Michele Waldner, Director at Large Representatives (Non-Voting): Hall Facility Manager – Greg Davenport 403-938-6877 De Winton Community Preschool 403-542-8276

New members are always welcome and encouraged to join our association and take part in many of the events and activities that are offered.

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