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High Country Rural Crime Watch Assoc. – Feb 2021

2020 Crime Statistics

As referenced last month, here are the 2020 crime statistics for the Turner Valley detachment area conveniently broken down by region and specific crime stat. A big thank-you to Staff Sgt. Laura Akitt and Lisa Unrau for providing the statistics below, and also the 2019 stats for comparative purposes. I won’t attempt to draw conclusions for readers as each of you and your region is unique. This is a great opportunity to look through the nicely broken down crime data and determine what your personal risks may be. Black Diamond and Turner Valley refer to the townsites, the others regions are rural areas. If you have any questions you may call me on the 931-2407 HCRCWA telephone line and I will attempt to provide additional information/clarification.

Dave Schroeder
HCRCWA Board Member

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