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Councillor Update – Mark Kamachi – Feb 2021

Greetings. I hope you are safe and sound as we continue to forge our way out of this pandemic? The optimist in me says brighter days are an indication we’re headed in a positive direction.

Once again, stories are being ‘constructed’ about my personal conduct, my business conduct (AdMaki Creative), and my role as your local councillor. A true sign of an election year?

Now the reason I bring this up, and I sincerely apologize, is that there is local posturing going on to potentially tarnish my name and that of my business. Again. If you recall from my rant last month, I addressed a manufactured lie on facebook made against my ethics and my business. This happens in politics but this time my patience ran out because it involved putting the publisher of
this paper, RVC Administration, and our Reeve in an awkward situation to have to deal with this false claim.

I will always be forthright, personable and defend my family, friends and colleagues. Plus, rather than to actually say it, I hope I’ve been demonstrating, to the best of my expertise and abilities, a commitment not only to Division One but the entirety of Rocky View Council and its residents.

Code of Conduct/Conflict of Interest (COC/COI) allegations are serious matters which can develop into lengthy and expensive legal battles for both the accused and defendant. Having to defend my character to online pseudonyms will most likely be a common topic over this election year. That’s politics sadly.

Recently, a letter was sent to RVC Administration and copied to all councillors in a weekly report alleging I could be in violation of RVC’s Code of Conduct/Conflict of Interest rules with regards to Dick Koetsier’s proposed Gateway Village development in Bragg Creek. Dick Koetsier is a friend and we have known each other as musicians, community volunteers and leaders. I have known Dick much longer than I have been a Councillor and have worked with Dick’s leading consultant, Infrastructure Development Group Inc., on a similar award-winning development a number of years ago.

Prior to public office my occupation was advertising/design, and Councillors are permitted to work during their tenure, so it still is. Before anyone even heard of Gateway, Dick approached me and asked if I would be interested in working with him to brand and promote his vision, as he did many local businesses. I told Dick I would be delighted to help, but when a proposal went before Council I would have to abstain from voting. Dick said, “I value your contribution more than your vote and this vision has to stand on it’s own two feet.”

Had the author of this letter who claims to represent a large number of Bragg Creek residents only called or emailed me to ask what my involvement with Gateway was, I would have kindly discussed my relationship with this project.

So to reiterate, I work on the Gateway project. I will be recusing myself of any voting on this development. And again, I wish folks would simply pick up the phone and discuss matters of “interest” with me rather than insinuate negativity, especially amongst residents and my colleagues. At the end of the day we’re all in this together and as your local representitive, I pride myself on being available to chat, whatever the concern or issue may be.

The burning question? I have been asked many, many times about my intentions of running again. Because my family and my business are my priorities, and the extra time devoted to the County will never take a back seat, this will weigh heavily on my decision. I hope to have an answer shortly.

I sincerely want to thank those of you who reached out and offered your support after reading last month’s article. I truly appreciate hearing from you. I hate having to use this article to defend my character but my character is how
I got to be your local representative and I’d like to keep it that way.

Stay safe, keep your distance and please let’s all stay positive.

– Cheers, Mark

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