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Business Profile: Sherri Olsen, Realtor – May 2021

What Is The Value Of Home?

Thank you Lowell for allowing this short article of introduction to my new ‘hat’ of being a real estate agent in Bragg Creek and area. This career option has been on my potential career list since I was twenty years old.

I have bought and sold houses of my own, built a new house, and have even renovated a log cabin! I have studied real estate investing, and have loved researching real estate while vacationing all my life. I talk about real estate, research it, and dream about it. I have finally made this interest my new profession and I look forward to assisting folks in finding their ‘home’.

What is Home?

I hope home is your sweet spot. The place that makes you smile within, where you contentedly exhale when you walk in after a long day. The place you feel safe, secure, and enjoy, even if it has its quirks.

After a travelling adventure; don’t we all look forward to our own bed in our own home?

Home is where we raise our kids, make memories, and create our lives.

Home is that great neighbour and community you love.

What features in a house do you prefer? Create your top ten list, then narrow to five.

After being ‘home’-less for a period of time during a renovation in Bragg Creek, I was reminded anew of the importance of home. Home is a place like no other. I can help you to sort out what checks your “happy factor” boxes for your next home. Then you can take a trial run of Bragg Creek by staying in one of my rental cabins for a weekend while we go home shopping.

I hope this little note inspires you to call me for your real estate needs.


For those that like the facts! Here’s a top 10 buying list:

  1. Location
  2. Schools
  3. Walkability
  4. House position on the lot
  5. Crime statistics
  6. Neighbourhood character
  7. Don’t be the best house in the area
  8. Understand what you are buying (ie, handyman special)
  9. Long term value
  10. Taxes, dues and fees, ie, costs of owning the home

I have noticed in my twenty five years of experience in coaching clients in their life/work dilemmas is that we de-value emotional decisions, yet we actually make more of them than not. So accept then that homes are an emotional purchase balanced by knowing and weighing the facts, too. Know your top five criteria and go from there. I can help you with all this and much more!

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