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Bragg Creek Historical Society Notes – May 2021

Those Were the Days

Many Creekers and townsfolk still reminisce about fond memories of the Bar-B-Q Steak Pit. Opening in 1961, it was the first restaurant in Bragg Creek and the inspiration of an enterprising young man named Gordon (Gordie) Shoults. Over the years, it hosted many celebrities and because both Gordon and Joyce Kelly were active musicians, live music with local talent was a feature on the weekends from the late 60s through to its closing in 2013. Other restaurants materialized, but it was the Steak Pit in Bragg Creek that stood the test of time. Not only a destination hub for tourists, it was a centre of commerce, and a long-time employer for the area. Gordie’s vision epitomized Bragg Creek’s artistic and natural character for over 50 years. The Steak Pit was demolished and the land has since been donated for Seniors Housing.

Submitted by Michele McDonald

Photos, early 1960s, courtesy of Drinda Rainville

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Support Local Business