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Business Profile: Countryside Picture Framing – Oct 2019

I appreciate the opportunity to profile our custom picture framing business that was founded in 1978. My name is Bob Wahlund and my wife’s name is Anne, and we are the proprietors of Countryside Picture Framing, Okotoks. Before I outline the services we provide as custom picture framers, the following is a bit of our background. 40 years ago on July 1st we began our custom framing business in the Calgary area. Having been exposed to working in the oil industry and banking business, we felt the desire to seek out a business that we would enjoy as well as offer an opportunity of service to the community. We enjoyed the arts and I had a personal interest in oil painting which drew me to opening a custom picture framing shop and small gallery. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s just before a major recession hit the oil industry in Calgary we had jumped into our business full throttle and began to grow in the residential and business community. We had established a solid base with our framing business.

We began our business in North east Calgary, as the years passed we expanded to a second location in Airdrie offering the same picture framing services and a line of artwork. The Airdrie location was maintained as an excellent location for a few years then another opportunity to locate in Kensington became available so we moved from Airdrie to Kensington securing a larger area for selling art work and setting up a full size gallery. Through the years other growth opportunities took place and since 2004 we have been settled in Okotoks where we currently operate our framing as a “home based” business serving Bragg Creek, Priddis, Millarville, Black Diamond, Turner Valley as well as Calgary.

One might ask “what exactly is custom picture framing.”? To answer that, custom picture framing is choosing the best way to frame an art item to enhance its beauty, most importantly, to preserve it; as well, you are customizing your artwork to suit your specific needs. When considering framing your artwork, there are two ways you can approach it: one is by going to a local department store and picking out a standard size frame and forcing the artwork into it. The second way is to have it professionally custom framed and having a precise fitting plus you choose the materials which will enhance the work. Custom framing is necessary in many cases because there are no standard frames that will fit your artwork. Custom framing will enhance the work and clients chose to go this route because it has a great sentimental value. A lot of work goes into producing a beautiful piece of framed artwork. We offer quality products and workmanship in serving our clients. In our 40 years of service we have earned a reputation in framing having receiving many awards in picture framing competitions and other top awards for customer service excellence through the annual Chamber of Commerce Excellence Awards.

Our motto is “Frame it right, frame it for a lifetime.” Serving the framing needs of the people of the Foothills has been very rewarding as we have made many great relationships. We have excellent products to choose from in frames of choice to preserve and beautify your artwork which will last many years. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your artwork or picture framing so please call any time; we look forward to hearing from you.

Bob & Anne Wahlund

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