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Are You Comfortable In Your Home Office? – Alberta Indoor Comfort – Dec 2020

“Not only do we live in our homes, but our homes function in much the same way as living organisms. As the home is an ecosystem, it may be referred to as a “Living Building.” If the ecosystem of the home is out of balance, this can affect the aspects of the home which ensure human wellness.”

This quote by Rick Bayless is one of the reasons I am passionate about my home being healthy, well maintained, and that the indoor air my family is breathing is kept clean.

Many people are no longer commuting to work, their office is now in their home full-time! While this means no morning traffic (bonus!) and a potential for Zoom meetings wearing pajama bottoms and a dress shirt, it also means there are potential health issues to seriously consider.

Have you noticed when you are working from home or spending longer times in your home that you are experiencing dry or tired eyes? Headaches? Uncommon fatigue? Mystery body aches? Have these occurrences commenced or escalated, even just a little, since everything changed in March 2020?

There are a few simple but very important solutions that will create a clean indoor air environment for you and your family, and your new home office!

The ductwork in your home is a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, molds, spores and more. Those are just a few of the things being circulated through your home every time your furnace kicks in. Start here by getting the ducts deep cleaned and disinfected.

Once your ventilation system is cleaned and disinfected, there are solutions you can have installed that will reduce the amount of future dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, etc. that will re-infect your system. Better filtration is a key addition to your systems. Electronic air filters and Hepa filters will capture and remove fine particulate matter from your air.

Ultraviolet lights can be installed in your ductwork to kill organic matter like flu bugs, bacteria, viruses, etc. Installed together, these solutions provide very clean air which can reduce your dry eyes, tiredness, headaches, etc, allowing you to breathe easy at home!

So now you have excellent quality air to breathe, is your home office completed? How is the lighting? Are you warm enough? Planning for the long-term, which is how things seem to be heading, being as comfortable as possible will enable you to be effective while working.

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By Carla Berezowski,
Owner of Alberta Indoor Comfort


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