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3 Simple Steps to Breathe Easy at Home – Alberta Indoor Comfort – Nov 2020

What we breathe, drink, and eat has a substantial impact on the quality of our lives.

For years we have been hearing about the benefits of healthy eating, and now more people are becoming savvy to the fact that the air inside their homes (and offices) may be a potential health hazard.

Fall is a time of cooler weather, the leaves are turning and it is the start of FLU season! With the pandemic still in full swing, people are looking for ways to proactively remain healthy. I am thankful I did my research prior to the strange times we are living in and want to share some of what I’ve learned. To do this, we have to go back to at least the 1930’s.

William Firth Wells was an American scientist, best known for identifying that tuberculosis could be transmitted through the nuclei of evaporated respiratory droplets, and for the Wells curve describing what happens to respiratory droplets after they have been expelled into the air. (Source: The National Center for Biotechnology Information)

In 1935, Wells and Fair demonstrated that ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) efficiently inactivated airborne micro-organisms and proved the concept of infection via the airborne route. This was amazing to discover, and in our present-day situation where we hear the words “droplets” and “airborne” almost daily – it warrants discussion.

Our furnace filter was grabbing some pollutants, but not nearly enough. We learned that there are not only particulates the filters weren’t “filtering” but also micron and sub-micron pollutants being pushed through our duct work and the air we were breathing in our home. Every. Single. Day.

What could we do about that? After much research, we found a simple 3-part solution that has worked for our family.

First, we created a clean environment by deep-cleaning and disinfecting our duct work. The ducts in your home harbour bacteria, viruses, dead spiders, mouse poop, and pounds of dead skin. Gross! Getting your system deep-cleaned and disinfected provides an opportunity for cleaner air, resulting in better health.

Then we installed an electronic air filter. The advanced technology filter removed particles as small as 0.001 microns from the air in our home. These filters are exceptional in comparison to old-school filters by way of their performance and ability to filter particulates standard filters can’t touch.

The final step was installing an ultraviolet air treatment system at the entry point of our duct work in the furnace room. The UV light eradicates any remaining bacteria, viruses, mold spores, etc. that are circulating around our home. And, because our furnace circulates all the air in our home through the filter and past the UV light every 15 minutes or so, our air is scrubbed clean, leaving my family breathing easy!!

These three simple additions to our home have given us greater peace of mind that the air we breathe at home is helping keep us safe and healthy.

by Carla Berezowski,
Owner of Alberta Indoor Comfort


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