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Trail Talk – BCT News – Mar 2021

West Bragg Creek Is For The Dogs (by Rex)

Going to the trails in West Bragg Creek is one of my most favourite things to do with my human. This is one of the few places I’m allowed to run free, especially when we ski or bike together. The difference now is that I have to share this place with so many more dogs and humans than ever before. Some of those city dogs think this is an off-leash park and they run everywhere without a care in the world. Some get yelled at or complained about when they get in the way of skiers and bikers who are whizzing down the trails enjoying their solitude.

Luckily, my human has spent some time training me to be responsible. It took a while before he trusted me to be totally off-leash. Of course, I have to be on the leash in the parking lot area which is a Provincial Recreation Area. That one big fine last year from the Conservation Officer had me eating budget dog food for an entire month (trust me, I wouldn’t recommend it). I know exactly when we get to the edge of the Public Land Use Zone because the leash comes off at the sign post.

Once we’re on the trail, the game is on. Anytime we see a bike or skier approaching, I know that my place is at my human’s side. I almost got hit by a skier once who was coming down a hill. Boy, my ears were ringing after that encounter. I’m not doing that again!

When nature calls on the trail, I have to give up my stick so that my human can flick “it” into the trees (and I don’t mean my stick). Those plastic “treat” bags left along the trails are so “City Dog Park”. If humans bag it, they really need to pack it out. The trails guys have enough to do without picking up smelly litter. Speaking of trails guys, there are some gals out there, too. Imke and Kate are a couple of new BCT trail hosts this year. They commented on how well behaved I am. They asked me to spread the “wuff” around my world so that everyone knows the rules. There’s no point in making the humans growl when they see a dog on the trail. You can find Imke and Kate and the other BCT trail hosts wearing their bright orange jackets at the Trail Center or on the trails. They are there to answer all your dog-gone questions about how to properly use the trails – I’ve even scored a dog treat or two!

Sniff you on the trails! Rex

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