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Trail Talk – GBCTA News – Aug 2020

Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association

Sharing the Great Trail in Bragg Creek

Bragg Creek has the distinction of being a stop along the “Great Trail” formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail. It stretches Coast to Coast to Coast for a total distance of 27,000 km. This massive community-based project under the banner of the Trans Canada Foundation relies on the efforts of local trail organizations such as the Greater Bragg Creek Trail Association (GBCTA) to become reality.

Over the past 10 years the GBCTA has planned, fundraised, and built the trail that links our community with the trail system in Kananaskis Country and beyond to the west. This could only have been accomplished through strategic collaboration with all levels of government, community stakeholders and a dedicated group of volunteers and donors sharing the same vision. To date the GBCTA has spent $4.1 million on trail construction and maintenance in Bragg Creek and Kananaskis Country and has logged in excess of 60,000 volunteer hours. The GBCTA appreciates the trust that Rocky View County(RVC) and the Alberta Government have placed on our organization by authorizing us to manage the Bragg Creek Trail System.

Along with building this legacy project comes responsibility. The GBCTA has a responsibility to the trail users, funders and to the trail builders who want to see this trail managed in a sustainable manner well into the future. Trail users also have a responsibility as trail stewards by complying with trail etiquette standards and obeying signage that is designed to improve safety and reduce trail damage.

You will notice new signage that has been posted along the RVC portion of the trail which indicates that this portion of the Great Trail is designed for non-motorized multi-use. This includes walking, biking and horseback riding. We strive to keep the trail open year round but conditions may arise that require that the trail be closed for a period of time to allow for the trail surface to firm up. Weather and water are our biggest challenges out in West Bragg Creek so we ask that trail users abide by trail closure signage as we work on solutions to rapidly re-open the trail for all to enjoy. All efforts to reduce trail damage and expensive repair work are much appreciated. Please be courteous to all trail users and support us in our efforts to build a connected community. For information on trail etiquette please visit the community trails section of our website at

Many thanks,
Con Schiebel (GBCTA President)

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