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Square Butte Community – Oct 2020

Square Butte Community Hall

The board has been meeting regularly to keep abreast of the COVID-19 rules for community halls.

The only activities have been small meetings, but no functions that have food and larger numbers of participants. The board would like to recognize three community members who have gone above and beyond the norm to make our community hall a special place.

Firstly, Edie Durieux has been working tirelessly over the last 45 years volunteering (along with her husband Duane, recently deceased). Edie organized many functions at the hall which included dances, New Years Eve Partys, socials, and special entertainers. She not only organized these functions but would phone people to encourage them to attend so as there was always a good tournout and a successful party. The last seven years she has mowed and trimmed the hall grounds every time she attended to her own yard. Now that is dedication!

We would like to recognize Susan Graham for her 30 plus years of service to the community. She is very skilled at organizing and has worked tirelessly on the rental committe to formulate procedures for proper rental agreements, along with the many trips to the hall, meeting with clients and cleaning the facility. She has been a steady hand over the years and for that we are very appreciative.

Diane McKay has been a familar face at the hall for the last many years. She worked on the rental committee, showing the hall, inspecting and cleaning and answering the countless questions. She ruled with a firm hand, treating everyone equally. She was always there when needed.

Shanna Dunne’s efforts in helping our community have been really appreciated. We have greatly benefited from her extensive network in the Millarville area and her connections with various members of the County of Foothills administration. Shanna maintained our relationship with the Caledonia Midstream Corporation with whom we have an excellent working relationship. She often planned successful events at the Hall and assisted other organizers with their events. Shanna’s wise and practical contributions along with her sense of humor will be greatly missed on the board and we are grateful that

Shanna wishes to continue to support our community association by planning future events.

To these four ladies, we would like to givee applause, and recognize their commitment to volunteering and helping others in our community. Often over the years many people do great things for others but are not recognized for their efforts. We salute you all and so appreciate your contributions. You are our beacon of hope for the next generation so as to make this a better world.

Square Butte Ladies Group

The annual quilt raffle was drawn for on September 20th, but due to COVID-19 there were only a few people present. Already the plans are in the works for next year’s quilt.

We are closing our pie and butter tart shop for a few months so stay turned to what we will be offering for Christmas. To date the group made 86 pies and 54 dozen butter tarts. Call 403.931.2098 or cell 817.219.3972 for baking information. The group has also been making face masks for children, call 403.931.3420 for further information. Visit our Facebook page at Square Butte Ladies Group.

Local History featuring John Ware

A prominent early settler in our area was John Ware who homesteaded on the confluance of Three Point Creek and Ware Creek. He was a famous Black cowboy who was born into slavery in South Carolina but moved to Texas after the Civil War. He joined a cattle drive in 1882 from Fort Worth, Texas that brought him to Alberta in 1882.

He was renowned as a big, powerful, skillful, and generous cowboy. He established his homestead and a 200 head cattle ranch in 1887 with a registered brand 999. There is a cairn and John Ware Ridge named after him.

In 2012 there was a stamp issued in his honour but with little fan fare. The stamp features him as a rodeo contestant and one of the earliest Black settlers but ignores his importance to the history of ranching in this area.

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