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Square Butte Community – Dec 2020

Square Butte Community Association

The board has made a wise decision to postpone the Hall’s AGM due to the increase in COVID-19 restrictions and infections. The proposed new scheduled date for the event will be April, 2021, hopefully by then we will see some relief from COVID-19. We would like to acknowledge the 32 volunteers who have helped out at the hall over the past year. Many of these volunteers worked at more than one function or work bee. It is due to the interest and continued dedication to helping others that enables us to remain a vibrant community.

The board would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and hope you celebrate with your closest of family and friends. Stay safe and reach out to whoever you can.

Square Butte Ladies Group

The ladies group has been quite successful in raising funds for the many charities they sponsor. They raised $1,675 for their custom baking effort this summer, $1,448 quilt raffle ticket sales, and $380 COVID-19 masks. Very impressive for a small group of ladies who never give up on helping others. They will be donating $500 to the Foothills Christmas Hamper Program which gives to families in need. They are doing a Christmas food drive for the local food bank this month along with their usual $2,500 donations to other local charities. Thank you to all the patrons who support the group, it is so appreciated.

History of our Community

Q Ranch & Kendall Stock Company

The Q Ranch (from which the name Kew post office is derived) was very successful. Many of the early settlers were very colourful in their language and John Quirk was no exception. The Quirks were staunch Roman Catholics. One evening when the guests included two priests, the argument grew very hot and finally Kate (Mrs. Quirk) broke in, “Shame on you Johnny, talking so with the Fathers here.” “To hell with the Fathers,” he shouted and carried on unabashed. But he became deeply involved in the election of 1896 when his conviction that the Conservative candidate, “Billy Cochrane, oftheCochraneRanch,hadinsultedthe Roman Catholics,” which drove him into what must have been an uneasy support of Frank Oliver, that apostle of WASP supremacy.

In 1923 Gene Kendall arrived in Alberta from Los Angeles, California, he was searching for land to fulfill his dream of ranching. He purchased the former Quirk Ranch and where he brought his bride Kathleen (Buffalo, Wyoming). Gene introduced purebred polled Hereford cattle to the area. He was very successful with his cattle, winning many prizes in livestock shows in Calgary. Kathleen and Gene had 4 children: Wm. (Bill), John, Marie (Dibbie), and Frank. The family was very community minded and participated in all sports and activities. Gene was a great sportsman, hunting and fishing in the nearby mountains and foothills. The whole family was an integral part of the community, holding high standards which garnered them much respect in the area.

by Mary Ann Watson

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