Springbank/Elbow Valley

Springbank Community Association – Nov 2020

Open Letter to Reeve Boehlke:

The latest submissions by the Alberta Government in the SR1 file outline significant structural changes to SR1. In our estimation, the changes result from foundation risk that became apparent with additional geotechnical work. The outlet works have been completely redesigned – is RVC even following these developments to the Project? If SR1 fails, the consequences are unbearable. We therefore request clarification on RVC’s role in the SR1 project from this point onwards.

The decision to withdraw opposition raises many questions about RVC fulfilling its mandate and responsibilities to protect the environment and health and safety of its citizens. Further, the withdrawal of RVC from the ongoing regulatory process sets an inexplicable and troubling precedent. By RVCs own account, SR1 has many adverse impacts and deficiencies. Now, Council has apparently stepped away from being an active participant in resolving these issues. This sets up a vacuum for impacts on the County that, by default, will be filled by other parties including the Federal and Provincial governments and special interest groups – or in other words, non-residents of RVC.

We are unclear how RVC’s interests will be addressed in the regulatory process going forward and how the decision to withdraw objections was arrived at. Clearly, there were long- term negotiations occurring that RVC residents were not privy to.

We request:

  • To understand if and how the County will participate in the SR1 process going forward.
  • Financial support from the County for experts in priority areas of interest, including Project risk.

We look forward to discussions on the aforementioned matters. Or, has the County fully abdicated its responsibility to represent residents on this matter?


Karin Hunter, CFA
President, Springbank Community Association

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