Sheep River Library
Black Diamond/Turner Valley/Longview

Sheep River Library – Mar 2021

Libraries are in stage three of the province’s reopening plan. This means it will be March 22 at the earliest for the public to be allowed in the building, but only if all goes well in stages one and two and hospitalizations are less than 300 people. We will post information regarding reopening on our webpage and Facebook page as soon as we have it. Until then, we continue as is. Curbside pickup is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week from noon to 4 pm. Calling ahead to let us know you are coming speeds up the process and you don’t have to wait outside in the cold for too long. All returned items go in the drop box at the front of the library and will be quarantined for a minimum of three days, but it could be up to seven days before they are checked in. All fines will be waived for overdue items.

During these restrictions the library staff is working on the collection. This includes ordering and adding new items, weeding out older or damaged ones, and reorganizing some sections. We are also fielding lots of questions about library services via phone and e-mail. The Ramblers hiking group is going gung-ho with over 800 registered participants. Following last year’s photo competition, a calendar has been produced featuring the beautiful photographs taken by hikers whilst out in the beauty on our Alberta wilderness.

Participants in the Poetry on the Patio group have been connecting via e-mail so that each poet’s submission can be read by the others. In January, our facilitator Doris challenged us to write about the coal mining issue on the Eastern Slopes. The following are two of the efforts submitted from the group:

Coal Ribbons by Blanca Botero
This spring
let me walk barefooted on these hills - on a carpet of dancing grasses and rioting wildflowers.
Let me feel their roots reaching deep into the soil
looking for nutrients, water and ancient tales.
Let the dinosaur bones rest like dethroned kings on
a bed of fool’s gold and crushed seashells and
let it all be bound with silken ribbons, coal black ribbons – bound tight keeping safe the soul of this
Alberta hill.
An Old Hunk of Coal by Della Dickie
I was born in deep black
Dug out to the light
Made to put on a finger
For someone’s delight
The place I was born
Is now a vile pit
No sparkle or glitter
Can justify it.

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