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Redwood Meadows Emergency Services – Jan 2021


Happy 2021!

A new year is finally here. Here’s some things you can do to help prepare for a happy, healthy, and safe new year.

Service Your Fire Extinguishers: Your number one line of defense in the case of a fire are portable fire extinguishers. Be sure that you have extinguishers installed adequately throughout your property as required by fire code. Just as importantly, make sure your fire extinguishers are serviced, properly maintained and everyone in the house knows how to use them. Remember to PASS: Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the trigger and Sweep slowly side to side.

Check Up on Smoke and CO Detectors: Make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home and outside sleeping areas. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries, as needed.

Practice an Escape Plan: Does your family have an escape plan? Have you practiced it recently? Make sure everyone knows the route out of the house in the event of an emergency (and an alternate route if that route is blocked), the meet up place, and that they should never, ever come back in the house once they’re out.

What happens when someone is hurt? It’s a good time of year to have a family discussion about what you’re going to do if someone in the house is hurt or not feeling well, just in case. If an adult isn’t feeling well or acting “funny”, kids need to know they can dial 9-1-1 and be a big help in getting first responders there quickly.

Until next month, stay safe. And, if you see the big red trucks coming with the lights flashing , pull over and stop, so we can get to someone in need as quickly, and safety, as possible!

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