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Letter to the Editor – Mar 2021

I found it interesting that in the February issue of this paper, Dr. James Trofimuk is discussing freedom of speech and how anything that departs from what Orwell would call “groupthink” is vilified and attacked. Then there were three letters that demonstrated what this vilification looks like as each writer proceeded with an onslaught of attacks of our MLA Miranda Rosin.

To have an MLA with energy, who puts in so much time and effort into writing to her constituents and into her time in the Legislature is tremendous. Miranda Rosin’s job is a thankless one and some of the people she has to deal with are downright vicious. I hope that in the future, constituents will express opinions respectfully without the intent of harming anyone. Our Banff- Kananaskis riding deserves much better.

Further, I take issue with the letter that suggests that politicians should not send Christmas cards to their constituents. Regardless of one’s religious affiliation, when someone references theirs in a greeting with good intent, we shouldn’t take offense.

Kirstin and Sarah, writers of two of the letters, do not seem to feel that Albertans have given up freedoms. One even suggested that Miranda Rosin doesn’t even know what freedom means.

There are many Albertans who would disagree. But if you doubt that Albertans know what freedom is, strike up a conversation with anyone who has come here to escape totalitarianism in countries such as Ethiopia, Belarus, China, Vietnam, Korea, Romania, or Venezuela. I have spoken with people from each of these countries and they recognize that living under oppressive restrictions, for nearly a year, our freedoms are being eroded in Canada and the U.S.A. This is an attack on our liberty and this is not freedom.

These people who have escaped tyranny, point out that the words and slogans used by the media, some politicians, and health authorities are eerily similar to those used in their former countries prior to being taken over, for example: We are in this together…It is for your safety…Think of others…It’s temporary…Let us know if your neighbors are breaking the rules…We need a new system…The old system is corrupt, racist, exclusive, repressive, etc.

If you have been too busy to notice, here is a list of some of our freedoms taken away:

Freedom of expression of political opposition to the party line: (You will be vilified and attacked).

Freedom to enjoy economic freedom: (You will be fined for keeping your business open).

Freedom of speech and expression of thought: (You will be de-platformed or cancelled).

Freedom to privacy: (You will be forced to agree to mandatory tracking after travel).

Freedom of movement: (You will be forced to isolate in your home, senior center, or hospital).

Freedom of association: (You will not be allowed gatherings).

Freedom of religion: (Your church will be closed, or open at 15% capacity. Limit of 10 people at baptisms, weddings, or funerals).

Freedom of arbitrary detention: (Leaving the airport: Forced $2000- 3 day isolation stays in Trudeau’s hotel choices).

When big government starts to control every aspect of life and the media is paid by them, think Progressivism or Liberalism (since the words socialism, totalitarianism, or communism are not so popular). “You will own nothing, and be happy”, they say.

I have heard that life under COVID-19 restrictions is the dress rehearsal for what comes next. If there is push back, the infringement of our democratic rights will slow down, if no one defends our democratic rights, then the erosion will continue.

I believe that our MLA, Miranda Rosin, is defending our freedoms and I am very thankful that she has the courage to do so. There should be 4.4 million Albertans standing up with her.

Diane Pollock

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