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Letter to the Editor – Apr 2021

Bravo for the fine letter by Dr. Trofimuk defending Miranda Rosin. I’ve corresponded with Miranda several times previously and have formed an opinion that she’s a very intelligent, thinking and well informed person with great courage to stand up for what she believes is right, even if it may be at odds with her own party.

Now to the 3 people who attacked Ms. Rosin in a previous issue, I would suggest that they enlarge their information sources outside of the mainstream media and what the AHS/ Health Canada is telling them. It’s always valuable to question information when it changes and doesn’t meet with what your eyes and ears are telling you.

Hinshaw, Tam and Fauci have done plenty of 180s on policies and information which makes me and many others question their credibility.

So outside of the AHS/MSM narrative what do we see?

Multiple studies and raw case numbers all over the world showing an INCREASE in COVID-19 case numbers after mask mandates, lower than advertised efficacy on vaccines and more serious side effects, people challenging lock down measures and winning in court, a dragging of feet in researching zinc, Vitamin D and Invermectin effectiveness despite many initial studies showing great promise in these for preventing or treating COVID-19, plus downright suppression of anything outside of the current vaccines which could save lives. This list could go on.

Now for those saying their Charter rights haven’t been trampled by the restrictions, really? Many wouldn’t agree with you. Businesses ruined, lives ruined, free association, free speech suppressed and travel not allowed. The courts in Canada are starting to agree now. EVERY COVID-19 ticket case in Calgary defended by the JCCF has been withdrawn. At least 2 court cases in Quebec have challenged the curfew there as unconstitutional- and won.

There is no justification for these measures and one look at most any Alberta government COVID-19 video covered by MSM on YouTube will show a 5 or 10 to 1 down vote ratio. Lots of folks don’t believe or support AHS measures or information. In fact, comments have been disabled on most of these due to the negativity.

AHS won’t release the PCR Cycle Threshold Number used in Alberta tests. Why? Most true experts say this should be to 30-33, yet 40-45 is common and results in many false positives and more “cases” where there is almost no chance of transmission or sickness. The number of “cases” put people into a panic and Flu deaths mysteriously disappeared worldwide. Really? It’s blatant misinformation to push this narrative that COVID-19 is so dangerous when AHS’ own stats show otherwise.

Facts: 27,000 people die in Alberta every year. In 2020, COVID-19 killed far less people than Dementia, heart disease, heart attacks or lung cancer. Opioids killed nearly as many as COVID-19. It’s all about COVID-19. But even COVID-19 “death” numbers are questionable since most involve people over 70 and with multiple comorbidities. There is a big difference between dying FROM COVID-19 as opposed to dying WITH COVID-19. The average age of death with COVID-19 is 82 which is also the average lifespan of Albertans. These folks would probably have died shortly anyway from their other conditions. COVID-19 has killed about 1.3% of all “cases” and .04% of all Albertans, if you believe that all COVID-19 deaths registered are truly due to COVID-19. I don’t. Almost no healthy person under 60 is dying of COVID-19, yet every age group was locked down. Why?

Meanwhile, other causes of death are up, as predicted by many, due to lack of diagnosis and treatment because of the COVID-19 scare and restrictions. That is another serious consequence of this strategy but hardly talked about.

Miranda Rosin knows all of this but evidently many people don’t. Miranda’s free speech is guaranteed under the Charter just as yours is. Disagreement and discussion is fine, suppression and Cancel Culture isn’t.

Stay home from work or school and take your vaccine if that’s your choice but please don’t lecture others on how to think or live. COVID-19 is here, learn to live with it and get on with living life. Something will get all of us in the end…

Ross Farnham

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