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Councillor Update – Suzanne Oel – MD Foothills – Jul 2021

Foothills County Northwest Wildfire Mitigation Strategy & FireSmart Meeting: You are invited to attend a Zoom Public Meeting with Council and Fire Department representatives to learn more about this study and FireSmart community action. Our meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on July 12, 2021. You can take part by phone or computer. Foothills Fire Department will share a presentation and join us for a Q&A session. I look forward to seeing you online! You can find the Zoom Meeting link and the study here on our website:

The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) – Growth Plan Update: We are not ready or willing to hand over “the keys of Foothills County” to Calgary. This severely restrictive, urban-focused Regional Growth Plan is now in the process of being reviewed by the Provincial Government. If you have not yet responded to our Call-to- Action, we would be grateful if you could visit our website for more background information and write a letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, MLAs, Premier and anyone else you think could help our cause. Check out our website for all the details, links to the CMRB plans, What We Heard report from the public engagement, draft letters and contact info for provincial representatives:

Cell Tower Light – Mystery Solved: In recent weeks you may have seen a bright, white pulsating strobe light emitting at night from the tower on the hill west of 256 St W, in the Priddis area. After hearing from a number of residents who immediately noted the disturbance caused by this unusual light, I was able to find the persons in charge of the tower operations who then helped to figure this out. New LED lights had been installed and were displaying the day mode at night. We are very grateful that the night mode with red lighting was re-instated. Now that the mystery is solved, we know that the correct night light should be “red” and we will all keep watch to see that the mode stays corrected. Thanks to all those who helped figure this out!

Property Taxes: The County has strived to maintain service levels during these harsh economic times while also considering the difficulties many residents are experiencing. In your 2021 Tax Notice, you received a letter of explanation which notes that Council and Administration were able to reduce the municipal component of your 2021 taxes by 3.11%. The remainder of your taxes are made up of amounts for seniors’ foundation, 911 and fire dispatch, recreation, fire services, libraries, and amounts requisitioned by the Government of Alberta for education, policing (RCMP) and designated industrial property. This year we saw an increase of 9.26% ($1.05 M) in these amounts due to significant increases in the funding required for recreation, fire services and the cost for RCMP charged by the Province. When the dust settles on our calculations, 64% of property owners will see either a decrease or no change to their overall tax bill, and 27% of property owners will see an increase of less than $100 for the 2021 tax year.

Bears: We are seeing a lot of bear activity this year. I found myself on the wrong side ofablackbearoneeveninginJuneinmy yard. Thankfully, things turned out OK and this serves as a reminder to keep that bear spray within reach and the wildlife in mind. Just sharing…

Repairs to Bridge and Road on 256 St. W: Thanks to our Public Works for their immediate response to repair this bridge over Priddis Creek after a significant rain washed the abutment ground and pavement away. At the end of May this year, the road, just south of Priddis Greens Dr., was closed for several days while the work took place. Thank you to all those who took immediate action of notifying the County and all the County Public Works staff who repaired and brought the road back into great shape as soon as was possible.

Electronic Speed Signs a Reminder: Foothills Protective Services arranges for our electronic-message speed signs to rotate through our communities, especially in areas where we receive the most complaints. In summer, of course, we’re all outdoors hoping to enjoy our surroundings and there’s lots of competition for use of our roads. Just a friendly reminder, to us all, to follow the speed limit and drive safely.

2021 Municipal Election: As noted earlier this year, I have submitted my nomination papers and will be running as a candidate for the October 2021 municipal election for Foothills County Division 4. I will be sharing more information with you in my next articles and would look forward to any discussion you may wish to have on this topic.

Best Regards, Councillor Suzanne Oel
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