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Councillor Update – Mark Kamachi – Sep 2020

With only weeks to go until the official end of summer, I hope, given the new way of co-existing with COVID-19, you were able to take advantage of the great weather albeit from your own back yard or neighbourhood. Moving forward, we will be doing things in ways where social-distancing becomes a mainstay in our day-to-day lives. Rest assured, we will get back to some degree of rhythm in our lives without the fear of “turtling” every time someone coughs or sneezes.

Speaking of the pandemic, I want to congratulate Rocky View County (RVC) residents for their resilient nature. In late July/early August, RVC was under the watchful eye of Alberta Health Services (AHS) as we, along with several other jurisdictions, had an outbreak in our region and were put under “WATCH” status. However, within weeks, with proper mask-wearing and social-distancing measures, policed by residents and the business community, we were quickly downgraded and taken off that list. Some have asked about RVC instituting a mandatory mask policy but after careful consideration, it was deemed that following the lead of AHS was our position as most places in RVC have the space to physically distance. And again, our business community has done a fine job of accounting for their customers and visitors well-being. Thus, the County has left it up to their discretion to provide masks, physical distancing measures, or both based on their situation and visitors’/ customers’ welfare.

Regardless, we can’t let our guard down and RVC will continue to monitor and follow the lead and advice of our health professionals. Adhering to science and doing our part to protect the amazing frontline and essential services folks for their efforts is key in flattening the curve. Thank you to all for your continued patience.

4-way Traffic Woes
I want to thank our MLA, Miranda Rosin for taking our intersection issue to Alberta Transportation (AT) Minister directly. And having done that, we’ll see a temporary solution come this fall, just in time for winter. To some, this may come as a bit of a joke, but lets not forget that as we are prone these days to take “staycations” we may see an increase in non-summer traffic and a possible rise in fall/winter visitation. Better to be prepared in my opinion. No different than the early surge of traffic pre-pandemic as folks looked to areas for mental and physical relief.

Let’s not forget, although the temperatures may be subsiding, that doesn’t mean our chance for a fire incident goes away. I want to take this opportunity to remind residents that your local FireSmart Committee (FSC) and RVC Fire Services is working hard to offer advice and information to residents seeking ways in which to fire smart their property. Thanks to our Fire Chief and his crew and FSC Chairman, Gary Nikiforuk and the board for their efforts in keeping us safe and informed. Stay tuned for an upcoming Chipper Day in your area. Just visit the RVC website and search FireSmart for details.

On a Personal Note
I want to send a heartfelt hug from my family to everyone for their support and condolences due to the passing of my dad last month. Not having ever lost a parent, it was a tough chapter in my life as I was very close to my dad. Not only was he my dad, but also my best friend, teacher and skipper. I had spent long summer days for weeks at his beck and call as his deckhand on the Eventide III learning the ways of hard work and perseverance. Along the journey, having spent much of the time seasick, I learned that I didn’t want to grow up and be a fisherman and studied hard for a better career. Thanks dad. Lesson learned.

Anyway, as we fight and make our way through this pandemic, I’d like to pass along words my dad lived by and that was “always think of others first.” Until next month, stay safe, social distance, wear a mask and always think of others first.

— Cheers, Mark

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