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Councillor Update – Mark Kamachi – Jul 2021

Remember Mungo Jerry? Maybe not. But recite these lyrics, “In the summertime when the weather is high, you can chase right up and touch the sky…” and immediately, we’re reminded that we’re now into the hot, halcyon days of summer. Given what we’ve all had to go through these past 18 months, and now with restrictions lifted, I suggest you make every day of this summer, a special day. Welcome to July and the dog days of summer. And my sincerest apologies if you now have to go about your day with that song stuck in your brain.

So moving on to what’s been happening around Rocky View County (RVC) since June. As you recall, last month I mentioned that RVC is not conducting aerial spraying of the BTK (Bacillus thuringiensis – which is a natural soil bacteria pesticide) like our Redwood Meadows neighbours to manage the Spruce Budworm infestation occurring in this area. At the time of this writing, Redwood Meadows Council announced they would be spraying towards the end of June. June 22nd to be exact (weather permitting and depending on the larval stage of the budworm). RVC will be monitoring the aerial application closely while at the same time taking notes as to the public reaction to such a controversial subject. I have replied to many who have asked why RVC was not doing anything? Well, we are by observing and taking notes.

In my almost four years as your local public servant, I have come to learn that without any form of public consultation, you only cause rifts between residents without first speaking to them and addressing both sides of an issue – whether it be a commercial/residential development, gravel extraction location, speeds on traffic signs, heights of cell towers, colour of waste bins, or the spraying of spruce budworms.

Councillor expenses
Council just voted 6-3 in favour of posting quarterly, individual councillor’s expense reports. An idea I wholeheartedly agree to make information about your public servants accessible. Many RVC councillors have been a target of FOIP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy) over the years from ratepayers. It’s great to see that by making this a regular procedure rather than having folks go through FOIP requests, thousands of ratepayer dollars and administrative hours will be saved. A formal standardized reporting system and training will kick off this format with the new council. Transparency and accountability are paramount to building trust between your elected officials and ratepayers. In the meantime, if you want to see my expenses, rather than go through the FOIP process, just ask me.

RVC Election 2021
Speaking of a new council, to date, there have been no formal applications made to RVC with regards to our next local representative. There have been a few folks who have announced their intentions of running in other divisions but not in Division 1. Remember, come this October’s municipal election, RVC will be trimming down from nine electoral divisions to seven with the Bragg Creek area and Elbow Valley area amalgamating to form the new Division 1. And we’ll no longer have a reeve but a mayor appointed by the newly elected councillors. If you’re thinking of stepping up and want to know more about the job from my experience, give me a shout and I’d be more than happy to chat over a coffee.

Thank you. Thank you.
It’s with a sad heart we have to accept Andrea Sparkes’ resignation from the Greater Bragg Creek FireSmart Committee as she and her family are moving on to another phase of their lives on this rock by moving to another part of it. The announcement came from FireSmart Chairman Gary Nikiforuk last month. Andrea has been instrumental in promoting and informing residents of local fire-smarting initiatives. Her many enthusiastic Facebook posts, interactions with Banded Peak School, High Country News articles, and her presence at Chipper Days was influential in our community. Andrea, thank you for your dedication and service to our community.

A huge thank you goes out to Tanis Onespot for making the meeting and greeting of RVC Reeve, Dan Henn and Tsuut’ina Chief, Roy Whitney-Onespot possible as we had the opportunity to informally talk and get to know each other. There are so many possibilities, and dreams to fulfill, that we as neighbours can do together for our residents.

And thanks to all the volunteers in the many organizations throughout Division 1 who give of their time and resources to make this the most sought after place to live in all of Canada. Nope. The world.

Until next month, stay safe, continue to follow covid protocols, wear sunscreen and loudly yell fooooooooooooooooore when you miss hit your drives.

– Lather up, Mark

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