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Councillor Update – Kevin Hanson – Division 3 – Jun 2021

Gateway Village Development Approved

Now old news with Council unanimously approving this village concept on May 4th, it is heartening to see the positive coverage by the local media ever since. Even the Radio Hosts on X92 were discussing how excited they are that folks will have a destination before and after a day-trip to Kananaskis Country. Any concerns about responsible development I had that were related to the location of the village on an alluvial flood plan were allayed with the early-stage answers I received from the applicant’s technical team. Although support was overwhelming for the re-vitalization project, I was also sensitive to the current “look and feel” of Bragg Creek relayed by some opposition, and that did play a part in my decision making. This is not a sprawling development, but thoughtfully and tastefully done, and concentrated into the hamlet core. I believe that Bragg Creek has needed critical mass to thrive and meet the ongoing expectations of residents. During the debate I also urged that “We” (Developer, Residents, RV County) should learn from any mistakes made by other resort-style developments (Canmore, Whistler, Panorama, Banff, etc.) and build something to be proud of. I believe this project is of the right sized scale, and a good piece of business for both the hamlet and RVC as a whole.

Council Decision to Vote Against the CMRB Growth Plan

One of my major election promises in 2017 was to take a more collaborative approach with the soon-to-be-new Calgary Municipal Regional Board that was empowered by provincial legislation in January 2018. I saw it as an opportunity to change the antagonistic relationship that had been the norm for almost two decades. A rising tide floats all boats, and it would have been very difficult for Rocky View to not succeed during some of those boom years as Calgary was repeatedly identified as the top economic region in North America, and today remains in the Economist’s top-5 most livable cities in the world. Although successful on our own, my thinking was, and still is, how much more successful could we be if we partnered more with all our urban neighbours.

After a presentation of the final draft of the Growth Plan to Council at a Special Meeting, May 17th, Council voted 6-2 to not support the Growth Plan, continuing a pattern of not being able to move an inter-municipal relationship with Calgary past historic combative road blocks. I could not support this strategy and represent my Division 3 residents as promised.

Moving Forward on Process to Recruit a new CAO

At our May 18th Council Meeting, we voted unanimously to begin the recruitment process for a new Chief Administration Officer. Since the resignation of Al Hoggan on April 9th, the CAO role continues to be filled on an interim basis by Kent Robinson, one of your long-standing Executive Directors. My thinking is that the process is lengthy, and if this Council can get the ball rolling and select an executive search firm by August, the new Council that arrives in October will have a significant head start on the recruitment timeline. They can pick up the task, refine candidate qualification criteria, begin reviewing any early pool of applications, and continue to attract additional quality applications that align with the direction the new Council wants from their only employee, the CAO.

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