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So, I had another article written but a couple things made me push it off until next month. It’s almost Father’s Day when I write this, I just got back from a year-end outdoor drive-in dance recital, and one of my children has a video grad. It also made me think of last year’s drive-thru grad for my other kid, disrupted school, limited to no friend hang outs and… on even a more devastating note, we and many of our children have been reminded of our nation’s and church’s past violence and disrespect toward the children of our First Nations brothers and sisters. It’s a lot to process for us as well as for our children.

I’ve been thinking about this next year and the “undoing” that will need to take place as we re-open. Our kids have had over a year where safety practices have become new habits and it’s going to be a while to see these get worked out (cutting back on screen time, motivating them to come out of their rooms, not making weird swooping 6 foot circles when they walk, etc.) I hope you are able to find the right supports and help to assist you during this time. There are a lot of good resources and professionals you can tap into. One of the things I would also like to encourage is continuing to build a life of love and generous grace into our children’s lives.

Unfortunately, the adult world has not been a good place of modeling in this regard as of late. As much as we do our best to protect them from the broken parts of our society, they are little sponges. And some of the worst offenders have the mic. When we carry it in from our work, when they overhear a political conversation, or look over our shoulders while we are on social media or conversations at school, etc, they are noticing. They definitely have been present to a society of divisions, “in” groups, “out” groups, polarizations, and ideological camps. And although they probably don’t express it in those terms, they know there has been separation, anger, and anxiety not only in the greater society but maybe even in our neighborhoods, and possibly in our families.

Again, I want to encourage you to find all available support in this, and as a church I want to offer the life and patterns of Jesus as anti-responses to the cultural norms of today. I think pointing to the enemy- love, grace, peace-making, commitment to those over looked, etc. might actually be beneficial in working our way toward different patterns and responses.

We want to encourage our children in this, in a fun and imaginative way, through our summers camp. Typically we do a week of fun songs, stories, activities and crafts. Unfortunately, as we were planning this year we weren’t able to plan a daily “in person” commitment with where we were with the safety protocols at the time. (And now that it looks like things will change July 1 it makes it a little short notice to change things up).

However, we are looking to have an in- person kick off on Sunday, July 25 from 1-3pm at Redwood House where you can pick up Church Camp in a Box. So we will be gathering for the first day of fun and sending you off with a box full of daily activities, etc. Here is a little about what is inside: “Kids are naturally curious, and when you’re curious about who God is it’s easy to grow your relationship with Jesus. That’s why, in this 4-part series, we’re going to engage kids’ imaginations! Kids will not only get curious about science, technology, engineering , and mathematics — but also about the God who created it all! They’ll hear from early church leaders like Paul, Peter, John, and Timothy, who helped the first Jesus-followers wonder what made their stories unique, what gifts God gave them (and how they could use those gifts to serve), what they could learn from others, and how they could spend time with God.”

Now that we can get together it might be an option to gather some friends and do some of the activities together.

I look forward to seeing you guys in person on the pick-up day. Please feel free to contact the church for any other questions. Register for the free Camp in A Box by emailing kidscampbraggcreekchurch@!

‘Til next time,

by Pastor Dave Zimmerman

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