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Square Butte Community – Jul 2021

The Community Association has been busy with organizing the Wall Restoration Project which started on June 26th. Volunteers have willingly stepped forward to assist in preparation for the tear-down. Walls have been ripped out, and trash removed, along with the removal of landscape materials and the handicap ramp. Celtic Electric has seen to a temporary power source, ADS has cut asphalt, removed concrete and excavated walls. Diamond Heating has removed ducting and the furnace. Basement Technologies takes over with the actual wall restoration at the beginning of July. The project is moving along as planned, thanks to the diligent work of the construction crew. The Hall will be closed until the end of August.

With the exciting prospect of the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, the SBCA have planned for a very welcome Free Breakfast in September. This will kick off the Fall 2022 membership drive and an appreciation event for all those who have donated volunteer hours, auction items, auction bidders and generous financial assistance. It has been a long wait and it makes us realize the importance of keeping connected with friends and neighbors.

Our next fundraiser will be a 50/50 online event. We must continue to raise funds to ensure all our costs for renovations are covered and we are able to replenish our operating accounts.

The backbone of our association has been the active participation of our board members. At this time we are looking to recruit a Maintenance Chairman and Treasurer. If you have a generous heart and a belief in our community we would love to have you join the board. It is a fun, rewarding endeavour to help others and keep this little community vibrant.

Brief History of the Square Butte Ladies Group Part 1 (more to follow)

The Ladies of Square Butte are a hardy, determined group of women who go back to April 1941, when they gathered for a baby shower in honour of Peggy Nylund. They enjoyed it so much they decided to form a club and would meet monthly in the afternoon. The ladies went to great lengths to attend as roads were not graveled so inclement weather brought muddy, sometimes impassable roads. They would walk, fording streams in their bare feet, while others rode horseback or ground along muddy rutted roads. On one occasion Alex Lyall spent hours ferrying women along a difficult area of road until the car wheels where so clogged with gumbo they would not turn, and he was forced to take them off and clean out the gumbo. Originally the club’s purpose was to supply knitted items for the war effort. After the war, and forward to today, fundraising for charity is entrenched in all that they partake in. They have celebrated their 25th, 40th, 50th & 75th anniversaries with some memorable skits presented by the members.

In the early days after the war effort their main charities were the Cancer Society, Red Cross, Crippled Children and Heart Fund, plus an amazing 13 years (1965-1978) sponsoring a Greek girl through Cansave. Since that time they have donated to many local charities, in particular the Square Butte Hall. For several years they made sure the utilities were paid along with many capital projects that benefited the community. In 1973 the membership voted to make supporting the hall their first priority. The next year they raised $1650 with their famous “John-a-thon,” a 17 mile walk from Turner Valley to Square Butte Hall: 14 members took part with 3 members making the hike in 5 hours. With that money they installed plumbing in the hall! They were masters at raising money, through hard work and determination. They never turned down an opportunity to host an event. For further information, contact Jill Fry 403 931-3420. It is still $1 to become a member.

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Submitted by Mary Ann Watson

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