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Letter to the Editor – Mar 2021

My response to MLA Rosin’s “update” in the January High Country News.

Thank you very much for representing me in Edmonton, and for your position on holding our rights and freedoms up as the foundation of our privileges as Albertans. I do believe that our provincial government is doing the best of any provincial government in Canada at looking after it’s citizens.  If there is not some tension between you (MLAs) and the administration (civil servants) then you are not doing your job.  You are the only control that we have over what the administration might decide to do.    By the way, if you were really doing your job, you would reduce the number of bureaucrats each year as they do their level best to increase that number each year.  The smaller the government, the better for the citizens.   As Benjamin Franklin said 245 years ago, “ those who would give up liberty to purchase a little safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”.   

Also, thank you for your work to insure that no person in Alberta will ever be forced to accept a medical treatment.   That is at the very foundation of Western medicine.  

Could I please ask you to have our head health person, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, provide us some medical information that might help us be better prepared to deal with Covid 19. I must admit that she (and Dr. Tam) have been very good at giving us the four basic instructions:

  1. Cover your cough.  (Started with “cough into your elbow” & now it is to wear a mask.  Next week “wear two masks”)
  2. Give people some space
  3. Wash your hands
  4. If you are sick, stay home

Well my grandmother told me that 70+ years ago and she only had a grade 8 education.   Surely our head medical person can tell us a few more things that we can do to keep ourselves as healthy as possible during this trying time.

Thanks for your work as my MLA,

Gary Zorn
Priddis, Alberta

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