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Councillor Update – Mark Kamachi – Apr 2021

It’s so nice to see that we’ve rounded the corner from winter’s grasp to brighter, warmer and longer days ahead of us. Not to say this past winter was a difficult one but rather, as a golfer and backyard enthusiast, I appreciate warmer temperatures. If I want a taste of winter, I can grab my skis and head over to Lake Louise or Sunshine.

The burning question looms. We’re in an election year and some of you have been asking if I’m seeking re-election. It’s only fair should anyone want to take on the role of the local councillor that they have time to look into what the job entails. In my opinion, it has been life changing. As promised, I said I would make that decision soon. Well, “soon” is now.

One of the reasons for my decision is due to the new boundary adjustments that are being implemented in Rocky View County’s upcoming election. For those of you who are unaware, as determined by ratepayers, RVC will be adjusting the number of divisions from 9 to 7. That’s not to say things will get any easier. On the contrary, it will require more time and attention to matters affecting the whole of RVC. The main reason for this move is to achieve more balanced representation based on population densities throughout RVC. In the case of Division 1, we will be amalgamated with Division 3 (Elbow Valley) to the east. To see a map of the new boundaries and get a full scope how RVC will be divvied up, please visit and search “2021 Elections”. It will definitely make for a very robust, challenging, as well as entertaining municipal election.

Back to me. After careful consideration involving many sleepless nights, long and frank discussions amongst family, friends, and colleagues, I have decided not to seek re-election. As a full-time business owner and councillor, not to mention part- time teacher, it has reached a point where I can only manage one job proficiently. Suffice to say, my career and my passion is AdMaki Creative and the advertising design profession. I want to take every opportunity to stay creative and active in my craft. That’s where my gut says I’ll be most productive and happy. And I trust my gut.

With a realigned Division 1 and substantially more residents, I couldn’t continue to wear multiple hats moving forward. The past three plus years have been both mentally and physically challenging. It has also been exciting and mind-bending. RVC and Division 1 continues to grow and prosper. As we look around, we can see so much is happening. We have protective berms and flood mitigation being implemented, we are working with the Province and our Tsuut’ina Nation neighbours for a future solution to our 4-way intersection, planned development will inject residential and commercial life into the Hamlet, secondary egress road discussions, and so much more, not only here but throughout all of RVC.

These initiatives will bring further enjoyment and prosperity to many of us. For as long as I have been a resident of this community, I have wished for and supported “sensible growth”. That was my slogan when I first ran. And I stand by that. Without growth, we stagnate.

I want to see this vibrancy continue to be the envy of everyone around us. And it’s happening. That’s not to say we become over commercialized but rather injected with a cultural spirit that is unmatched by any other jurisdiction, anywhere. That’s why my family and I live here and I want to see it happen. As I have learned, residing in such a diverse area where every step is closely examined by residents, multiple government levels, inter-municipal neighbours, stakeholders and businesses alike, things don’t move quickly. Good things require time to take root and that’s how sensible growth works. More than ever you need a councillor who can give 110% of his/her time to RVC and its passionate residents.

It has been an honour and privilege to serve Division 1 and RVC. I have learned several new skills and discovered many new insights about myself, residents and due process. I have grown a deep appreciation not only for the duties of elected officials, but for our public servants, the RVC Staff & Administration, that support us. They are the backbone of RVC making us the envy of so many communities across Alberta. Lastly, I cannot thank enough, the residents of RVC that help shape our County and its visions.

Until next month, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

Cheers, Mark

PS. If you think you’re up to the challenge, nominations are now being accepted at

– Cheers, Mark

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