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Councillor Update – Kim McKylor – Rocky View County – May 2021

Happy Spring! For those residents that called with questions regarding the CMRB, the ASP’s and the MDP – thank you! I’m always so grateful to have meaningful conversations with those that are seeking clarity! So, what is happening….

CMRB: Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board. Minister McIver has granted an extension for the final plan until June. This extension, while not ideal, has afforded the member municipalities to conduct more public engagement. There is also a survey that residents can complete.

The 3 rural municipalities have all written strong letters opposing the adoption of the final plan. Why? Because there is nothing in the plan that benefits any of the rurals (Wheatland; Foothills and Rocky View County). Foothills County has posted a great YouTube video explaining why this deal is bad for Foothills – the same applies across the board for Rocky View & Wheatland. We will, should this plan be adopted, become nothing more than a land bank for our urban neighbours and Calgary will control all development within the region.

Here is a link to the Foothill Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfHQSbx4LA0

Springbank ASP’s: The final ASP’s are packaged up and can be found here: www.rockyview.ca/SpringbankASP

I did receive some question regarding why two plans? The rationale was twofold, South Springbank, other than the highway corridor & RR 33 by Calaway Park, will largely stay the same, develop in similar form, with infill development – but primarily Country Residential. North Springbank has the potential to develop a bit differently because of site influences, including the Highway Corridor; Harmony; Bingham; Edge School; Commercial Court and Mountain View Trail commercial development. In addition, North Springbank, also has the potential to have future development serviced by the Harmony Water utility for water and waste water.

All that said, the CMRB has the final say, so our plan for the next 20/30 years will be decided by Calgary.

MPD: Municipal Development Plan. This is a higher-level statutory document that guides development for the whole County. When there is no adopted Conceptual Scheme or ASP, the County uses the MDP as a general development guide to ensure compliance. This document has been adopted by Council and has gone to the CMRB for approval. As with the ASP’s, it will be Calgary that decides if the plan has merit.

One of the questions I received regarding the CMRB was “can’t we appeal” if the CMRB (or Calgary) makes a decision that is unfavorable to RVC. The answer is no, there is absolutely no appeal mechanism. This is one of the many flaws with the plan, but this is a substantial one.

Finally, I just want to close on a positive note and bid a fond farewell to Mr. John Rop, General Manager of the Springbank Park for All Seasons. I have come to know John even better through my involvement on the Park board. He is dedicated to the betterment of this community, at the park and beyond. He is a long-time resident of Division 2 and I wish him and Arlene nothing but the best as they move into the next chapter of their lives, retirement! John, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service at the Park (and previously at RVC).

Please call me if you have any questions at all, I’m always happy to have a conversation!

Kim McKylor,
Deputy Reeve Division 2 Councillor

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