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Bragg Creek 4-Way Stop Update – Letter To The Editor – July 2018

Bragg Creek 4-Way Stop Update

In the June, 2018 issue of the High Country News our MLA, Mr. Cam Westhead, wrote an article titled “What would you say if your MLA didn’t show up for work?”. The opportunity does exist for Mr. Westhead to “show-up” for Bragg Creek by championing and securing the necessary funding and Alberta Transportation Capital Budget approval to construct the two proposed roundabouts as a replacement for the four-way stop intersection.

It is with some irony that in the same issue of the High Country News the Bragg Creek Revitalization Committee (BCRC) provided an update on the two proposed traffic roundabouts. As previously noted in that article, six years have passed since Alberta Transportation recommended the replacement of the four-way stop with two roundabouts. Over the past two years, the BCRC has aggressively lobbied our MLA and the Minister of Transportation (The Honorable Brian Mason) to have the two roundabouts funded and constructed. To date, the Alberta Government has not shown the level of urgency or commitment that this vital infrastructure project deserves. This traffic infrastructure project was specifically highlighted in the December 2015 Bragg Creek Revitalization Plan, as a means to the sustainable revitalization of our community following the 2013 flood. The Revitalization Plan is a plan developed based on significant input from the community and was approved and adopted by Rocky View County on December 8, 2015.

There is just over one year left in our MLA’s term prior to the next Provincial election. In the absence of any meaningful progress relating to the funding and approval of the two proposed traffic roundabouts, the BCRC strongly encourages all users of the four-way stop intersection to make this a Provincial election issue. Additionally, the BCRC encourages all other potential Provincial election candidates to support this vital infrastructure initiative.

Michael Shea
Chairman of the Infrastructure Sub-Committee
Bragg Creek Revitalization Committee

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