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Speaking of Photography – Peter Gold – Nov 2017

For the longest time, if you wanted a telephoto lens to photograph wildlife and sports, you had a choice. Either you chose one of several 18-200, 18-250, 16-300 lenses or you purchased one of several 70- 300 lenses. If however, you wanted something with a longer focal length, you had to jump up to one of the 100- 400, 80-400 lenses that are priced in the mid-$2000 price range. There was nothing in between. Those days are over if you shoot with Canon, Nikon or Sony gear. Tamron recently introduced an 18-400 mm lens which is slightly longer than their previous 16-300 lens. For around $900! It’s a great all purpose travel lens too.

For full frame DSLR cameras, Tamron and Sigma both offer 150-600mm lenses ranging in price from $1200- $2300, depending on how weather- resistant you need the lens to be.

And they offer the 600mm reach instead of the former 400mm offered by the major camera manufacturers. Tamron also offers a 6 year warranty while Sigma offers you 7 year coverage. Check them out before you make your final selection.

If you have a passion for wildlife photography, you must check out the new wave of Panasonic cameras that o er 4K Photo mode. You are able to stop action better than ever before. With this mode, you are able to photograph at a rate of 30 frames per second. And then you can review your images one frame at a time, and then save the ones that capture the optimum action. Panasonic offers 4K Photo in all their mirrorless cameras as well as their point-&-shoot pocket cameras. It opens up new possibilities when you are photographing sports, wildlife, chuckwagon races, etc. The only other camera that I know of that offers something similar to 4K Photo is the new Canon 5D Mark 4 camera.

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