Bragg Creek Chamber
Bragg Creek/Redwood Meadows

Bragg Creek and Area Chamber of Commerce – June 2018

Chamber Update

I would like to share with you a couple of updates within our business community.

The new chamber website is now live. Please visit

A big thank you to the wonderful work Michele has co-ordinated with Good Company. If you see any information about your business that needs to be updated please email us at

Mobile Visitor Information Centre
We have hired Isabella Pilz (Izzy) again this summer to run our new mobile visitor information centre.

She will be cycling around in the community, West Bragg Creek Parking area, and the Provincial Park handing out information on the local businesses, and answering general questions as to the local services and amenities of our local community. Izzy has a great personality for the work, and has already engaged with both the visitors and local establishments to get information to our guests.

Thanks to Charlie, Suzanne, and Jen in their efforts to get this grant funded initiative going.

Join us for our last meeting before we break for the summer at the Country Wood on June the 20th (3rd Wednesday of the month) for updates, envisionment, great time of networking and refreshments catered by one of our local restaurants.

You don’t need to be a member to come!

Support Local Business

Support Local Business